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Reg Park is recognized as one of the greatest bodybuilders ever to have participated on the world stage. This is a tribute to this great and humble man, which provides an insight into the real Reg Park – the champion, the husband, the father, the friend, the actor, the teacher, the healer, the inspiration and the gentleman.


Reg Park inspired generations of future bodybuilding champions – such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Bill Grant, Lou Ferrigno, Johnny Isaacs and Tom Platz – who all tell of the influence that Reg had in shaping their lives and careers.

Reg Park changed the way bodybuilders posed – incorporating music and lighting into his routines for the first time at the suggestion of his wife - who had been a professional ballet dancer. He also popularized the role of the muscle man on the silver screen when he starred as Hercules in five Italian “Sword & Sandal” films during the 1960’s.


In this DVD, subtitled “Train the Reg Park Way”:  Reg’s son, Jon Jon, reveals some of his training secrets and along with Steve Uria, they demonstrate how Reg trained each of the major muscle groups.

The guitar in the hands of a master is a force to be reckoned with in any genre of music. The diverse styles on display in this show, as the title suggests, are pan-global. Expect the music to be vibrant, exciting, lively, haunting, moving, funny, wide-ranging and ultimately, brilliant.


Recorded at The Market Theatre by an eclectic core of outstanding instrumentalists from southern Africa. Anchored by The Aquarian Quartet, the show brings together the stunning fret-board wizardry of South Africa's finest guitarists in a collaboration of solos, duos, trios, quartets and a slam bang at the end with everybody on stage!

Steve Newman, Tony Cox, Greg Georgiades, Syd Kitchen, Errol Dyers, Terrence Scarr, Madala Kunene, Saudiq Khan and Edi Niederlander, together with the exceptional tabla player Ashish Joshi and talented young drummer Kesivan Naidoo, collectively represent much of South Africa's cultural musical diversity.


"Guitar Wizards Bewitch" (The Citizen) "Pure Guitar Genius" (The Tonight) "A Pluckin’ Good Display of Acoustic Artistry"(Spotlight)    "This is a Helluva Show" (The Argus).

When Jack and his beautiful wife Colleen are evicted from their home, Colleen asks Eric to persuade his flatmate Uncle Angel to allow the couple to stay with them for a few days. Eric is unable to resist her, but after they move into the living room they make themselves unwelcome.


Having lost all the money they have borrowed from Uncle Angel to go to the casino, the three are caught stealing from his bank account and the old man kicks them all out.  When Jack discovers that the Uncle Angel’s living on a Dutch pension (that Eric draws on his behalf), he hatches a plan to get rid of the old Dutchman and keep drawing his pension for themselves.

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