about us

In the early days, PLUM PRODUCTIONS' accomplishments included the first ever coverage of indoor cricket for SABC Top Sport, and the first ever drama production (The Edge) shot entirely on Betacam in South Africa and a magazine programme series for BOP TV called Botswerere,.


In the 90's PLUM PRODUCTIONS started shooting and providing facilitation for international producers working in South Africa, and continue doing so today. This has included work for Mariasela Alverez from the Dominican Republic, Robin Leach (Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous) from Los Angeles, MTV Europe, September Films in London, TV2 Denmark, Brighter Pictures in London, Cushman Bolton in New York, FIFA TV, Middle East Broadcasting Centre & Children's Television Workshop from New York.

Established early in 1983, South African production company PLUM PRODUCTIONS has been responsible for many hours of television programming. During these 32 years, programmes have been supplied not only to local and international broadcasters, but also to many corporate clients.

The PLUM PRODUCTIONS coverage of Rumba in the Jungle, the annual international dance competition held at Sun City was greeted with enthusiasm and kudos by both local and European broadcasters resulting in a series of one hour dancesport specials, (one of which received recognition from the SABC as "...one of the top ten best performing local programmes on SABC1... ").


PLUM PRODUCTIONS was also responsible for the long running Xhosa consumer programme, Ufunda Ngomzekelo. Capturing the hearts of the average consumer, this programme received thousands of letters, and enjoyed a successful run of over ninety episodes on the National Broadcasters flagship chanel.

In the 2000's PLUM PRODUCTIONS has been involved in a variety of genres, including talk shows, documentaries, feature films, drama series, soaps and stage productions. (See more on the PROGRAMMES page.)


Corporate clients that have made use of the talented PLUM PRODUCTIONS team in the past include Sun International, Vodacom, Rama, Coca-Cola, Fattis & Monis, Carnival City, Pierre Cardin, British American Tobacco Company, Qantas Air, Global Resorts Caesar’s Palace, Beachcomber, Wimpy, SAA, The Department of Education, Dulche Café, Renault, Exclusive Books and Hewlett Packard.

PLUM PRODUCTIONS is based in Melville, Johannesburg, where a small permanent staff, control and co-ordinate a talented team of freelancers from one production to the next. This arrangement fits in with the company policy of always using the best person for the job, whilst giving up-and-coming talent a break where possible. Management are committed to a programme of internships, and take on the job learnerships seriously.


The company owns a variety of production equipment, including ENG camera kits, a small 4 camera OB Van, edit suites and a final mix audio studio.